Mar. 16th, 2011

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 So yesterday was SUNNY and beautiful and semi-warm and I didn't wear my coat to school and I had my windows down and my music blaring as I drove to school...

annnnnnd today it's raining. Sigh. Least it's not snow; spring is on the way!!!!

IN OTHER NEWS: I've... kind of accomplished my goal of reading the rest of my school readings this week. I have two books (one of which is a play), one OTHER play, and a few smaller readings left and THAT'S IT. I also only have a 5 page essay and a 1 page essay left to go for the rest of the year in regards to homework, yay! That makes my life sooo much easier u___u; 

Asides from that, cars running good, laptops running good, desktop is... a pain but I'll get to that in a sec, annnnd my fm transmitter did die but I'm kind of enjoying listening to the radio right now cause it's an opportunity to find new music! Plus... youtubedownloader is being a pain right now and anything new I download is corrupted/'broken' so not like I could put new music on the ipod anyways l-lol.

As for the desktop, it's just... getting old, y'know? I just cleaned it out and it actually made it start up a bit SLOWER, and now I'm having issues getting Sims2 started up. It WILL eventually load, just... takes about a million tries and me pulling my hair out l-lol. Might also be the fact I only have a gig of ram in it haha. BUT Dad said he would switch me computers, so once I don't need to do any more school work I'm going to put everything I need from mine onto my external hard drive, wipe it from the comp, switch comps with dad, and REUPLODE everything I need onto the new one (which has 4 gigs of ram fsfjghjsd YES). Unfortunately I'll also be saying goodbye to sims2 for the time being as this means I'll have a comp that can handle Sims3, plus... I'd miss my old families to much to bother making new ones in Sims2. 

So I'm going to be playing that as much as possible before the end of exams so that I can write down info on them and remake some of them in Sims3, cause I wanna do a story and maybe try a legacy. We'll see what happens. 

AND I hate our weather cause I have had a headache since last night because of the random changes in weather and ugggggggh u_____u;;;;;;;


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