Apr. 6th, 2011

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 On a MUCH happier note then my last ranty-pants post, its my last week of class EVAR! Hurray! I have one exam next week and two the week after that, but no more class for teh Cass :3 So heres my report on my last week so far:

Tuesday: Went to Shakespeare class at 2 expecting it to be kind of boring review. Instead, we played jeopardy! :3 My team lost lol but oh well it was still fun and Joel gave everyone in the class a prize anyways XD And I got a 72% on my final essay in the class so I'm happy hurray~!

I'm a dork so I brought donuts to my Utopia seminar and brought Graham (my prof) a diet pepsi and my two friends in the class hot chocolate. And took like one picture BUT HEY I TRIED. We spent like half the class just chatting haha it was awesome. Gonna miss Graham I've had him for one class every year since I started so that sucks :< I also realized I'm friends with four out of five of my profs this year so GAH @_@ Gonna miss theeeeeem *dork*

Wednesday: I'mmmm still sitting in Medieval. But I don't have seminar so I get to leave campus at 2 today (HURRAH) And I've totally spent the period writing and FINISHING my final for Music and not paying attention to prof at all l-lol 83;;;; HATE HATE HATED THIS CLASS SO GLAD ITS OVER THIS IS THE ONLY ONE/PROF I WON'T MISS.

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 Hey guys, this is just a little thing a friend of mine is doing on another site and I thought I'd pick it up cause it looked interesting.

Of all of the characters I have that you are familiar with, pick your favorite. Tell me why and what you like about them; also tell me if there is anything you DON'T like about them or that confuses you.

Obviously different people will be familiar with a different number of my characters, but pick whoever you want, really. And feel free to copy this cause like I said I took it from a friend lol :3 HONEST TRUTH HERE PEOPLE PLS <3


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