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Cassandra G ([personal profile] amariahellcat) wrote2010-11-22 11:11 pm

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I'm down to three weeks of school left and then maybe two exams before christmas break; am I excited? Oh God yes. I'm so sick of school it's not even funny. However, the fact that I only have one last minor essay left that I can bullshit in about an hour has calmed my stress levels down considerably, but for this week at least I might still be a bit MIA cause work decided to throw two 2-10 shifts at me the past two days. And I promised the youngers I'd go see Tangled with them on Friday plus xmas shopping so...

I'm ttly not going to finish NaNo, though I will one day finish the story; I just... didn't have the time/energy/etc to finish it this month, yknow?

I'm also getting Atoli's Lost Weapon/Staff made for Anime North 2011!! Majorly excited eeee! Note to self, GLUE ON THOSE STUPID HAT DECALS ALREADY, find out about getting a new pair of gloves/shorts/stockings, and try and find shoes that ACTUALLY FIT FOR THIS YEAR. YEAH.

Also working on my xmas card design for this year! This time it features Ama, Tera, and Rea; hoping to have it done this weekend so I can get them printed. If anyone would like a christmas card from me, let me know! I love sending them :3

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