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Cassandra G ([personal profile] amariahellcat) wrote2010-11-28 09:54 pm

Random Urge...

So I really want to role play some romance, for no apparent reason other then I'd like some Christmassy-fluff without having to write it all out myself, because that's not as fun.

At this point anything with Tera, Ama, or Rea would be welcome, though I have no ideas or anything. Just... fluff. Because I haven't gotten to roleplay fluff in forever. ;o;

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I have 3984673946 oc's i could offer

i can give you my list if you'd like to see it

also [ profile] cluster_fsk

but shhh

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Also yessss lists are awesome because I think I only know like two or three of your charas? XD;

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I don't have a lot of guys yet but w/e

also THAT

that is an OC only community for RPing without a serious game scenario and i'm still working some things out l-lol

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Oh mai I will definitely look into that soon o:

Also, since Ama and Ter kinda have established pairings I'd like to work with Rea, soooo.... have any OC's y'think would fit well with a love-illiterate Lycan/werewolf? ;3 lol

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isaac is open but he's like 16 so

walter is a giant derp and a were-lion but socially fail

samuel is the most decent out of the three but kind of doesn't have a decent background set up yet


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okay scratch that samuel now has a background and he might be the better choice

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Nate is up for grabs if you want some fluff with Rea. 8D He will be very, very awkward, but in a very adorable way.