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Cassandra G ([personal profile] amariahellcat) wrote2010-12-07 12:14 am

Card Delay and Call for a Challenge

So, I just wanted to let everyone that I'd promised card's to that they're going to be a bit late. They may even not show up till after Christmas. Why? Because unfortunately, upon checking out on the site to finish the card design and order them, Walmart informed me that it will take two to three weeks for me to get them, never mind WRITE them and send them out. So, yes, cards will be late, BUT I SWEAR THEY WILL STILL COME EVENTUALLY ;O;

ALSO, for the second part of this post: I need to get back into writing, but I don't feel like working on The Dreamers, or Faerietale, or TAE Book 4 (though that might change pretty soon but we'll see). I feel like writing fluff, or something romantic or hell, even a lemon, but I have no ideas. So! I'd like people to challenge me, or to just offer ideas/prompts etc. SO, here's how this'll work! Pick a pairing (the ones I'm up to writing will be listed below), and give me a rating and a prompt (like a word or sentence), or, give me a rating and a bigger description. Up to you. JUST BE AWARE (although most of you likely already are), that I write OCxCanon pairings as well as OCxOC pairings; I don't have any canon pairings I'm up to writing atm unfortunately, so, yeah. Anyways.

PAIRINGS ETC. BELOW THE CUT, THANKS TO ANYONE WHO GIVES ME ONE :D I will reply to your comment with a link to my one fic comm., which is where I'll be posting these!


Tera(OC)xJak(Jak and Daxter)
Amaria(OC)xRolo(Code Geass)
AmariaxRaisk (OC Canon pairing)
NEW: SareaxKyler (OC Canon pairing) (NO ONE KNOWS KYLER SO. He is the ex-alpha male of an ARCTIC WOLF TRIBE, is majorly domineering, and has a little girl named Ilene. HE AND REA BUTT HEADS LIKE WOAH.)

....yeah that's basically it lol I SUCK I'M SORRY XD;;; (I'd love JxT and AxRolo challenges I'll admit haha ;; )

AmaxRolo, PG-16, Purple


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