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I hate being stuck in class when I'm not feeling very well. I was fine this morning, to, so my body's just suddenly pulled that 'op you're going to feel kinda heavy-headed now!' crap on me. Doesn't help that prof is insanely monotone and nrg I just don't want to be here.

Already emailed tonights prof so he knows I'm prob only going to be in to drop off my essay but he's usually pretty cool so should be okay; plus he knows I need to be in Peterborough all freaking day tomorrow cause he has to be to and so he'll know I need to try and feel better uggggh ;o;

I'm also worried my ear piercing is infected. It doesn't hurt and it's not swollen or red or anything but when I cleaned it last night it pussed like woah (just a lightish yellow stuff at least) and nrg I freak myself out over this so stuff so easily. It's ben six weeks so I can change it now but I'm so tempted to just take it out and never put one in again if only to make the pussing go away fffff *is a wimp*
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Here's hoping @_@

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If it is infected, you will trap the infection and make it worse. NEVER take out an unhealed piercing.

That kind of drainage is very normal. When it's very light colored, it's completely normal, just keep cleaning it with saline solution and turning the piercing as normal. If it turns green, starts to smell really bad or gets swollen and red, go see a doctor. BUT I REPEAT: DON'T TAKE IT OUT EVEN THEN.

Trust me, I have like, eleven piercings. I've been doing this song and dance for 17 years. :3

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I DID take it out very briefly so I could clean my ear really well in the shower, but I put it back in almost immediately after I swear. (Though I did take the time to clean the earring's post off first)

I originally had my ears pierced way, WAY back, and I'd had a lot of issues with this one before it closed and I had to get it re-pierced six weeks ago.

I'm just... I freak myself out over little stuff like this and then get paranoid and freak out even more nrg. Thanks though it's good to know it's probably not as bad as I've convinced myself it is ;o;

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Don't do that again.


LEAVE IT ALONE. That is the BEST advice I can give you.

Don't touch it. Don't fiddle with it. DON'T TAKE IT OUT.

Don't put rubbing alcohol on it. Don't put Neosporin on it.

Just once a day (twice if you really want), wipe it gently with warm saline solution (just sea salt dissolved in warm water) and a q-tip. That is all you need to do. Anything more than that will just make it worse and irritate it.

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I promise I won't do anything stupid with it again! @_@ Now I just need to find some sea salt cause all I have is some piercing-cleaning solution I was given when I got it done.

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Augh. I HATE places that give that stuff out. It irritates piercings and they're dumbasses for giving it to you. They gave it to me for my first earrings too, every piercer I saw after that went on looooooooong rants about how awful it is.

Saline solution is free, hurts less, and won't irritate the piercing. You've essentially put a gaping wound in your body, and your body wants to heal it (hence the "puss" from the white blood cells). The best way to coax it into healing is with saline solution, it's natural and non-abrasive.

Come talk to me if you have any more questions, I've had a lot of experience with body mods and I'm totally happy to pass on what I know. ♥

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I... legit had no idea about that and am now glad I read this before giving my advice, which would have been use the piercing solution forever. I always thought it was absolutely the best thing you could use; I had my ears pierced like three times before I gave up because they kept getting infected and we concluded I had an allergy to metal in general and every place I went to gave me that stuff. I also got told to keep taking it out and cleaning it after the six-week mark.


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I seriously want to know how these places get away with giving out this shitty, harmful advice.

I have had one infected piercing, and some antibiotic cream got rid of it. And I have ... eight piercings total. Two had to come out because of unrelated issues, which is a shame. But the ones that were the longest to heal, the most painful and the ones that stayed red and uncomfortable the longest?

My earlobes, which were (a) done with a gun and (b) cleaned with that solution. Guns are absolutely the worst thing to use to pierce with, it's blunt trauma, incredibly painful (needle piercings can be painful, but not even close to the same), takes longer to heal and has a far bigger chance of going wrong. The solution is just generally a bad idea, and it's pretty much a given that if they're stupid enough to pierce you with a gun, they're stupid enough to give away that solution.

It makes me so ANGRY, how many people had a horrible piercing experience and swore off them forever, or tried like you did to get them repierced and had to give up? It's poor practice.

If you ever get another piercing or try your earrings again, go to a tattoo shop or piercing parlor. You want your piercer to have body mods themselves (because then they have genuine experience on giving and receiving piercings) and to be able to explain the process to you if you ask. These places tend to be incredibly friendly and very eager to give advice on taking care of piercings, even if they didn't do them. I bought jewelry at once place and they even replaced it for free (it was a lip ring that would have been difficult to do myself). They'll keep you talking while they're doing it, so that they can check if you're getting faint, and so on.

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Holy crap. My ears were pierced with a gun every time I had them done. I wasn't aware you could do it any other way, except when you were doing DIY body mod work. And I was convinced I was doing the right thing the last time I tried because I went to a jeweller (before I'd had them done at Claire's Accessorize. Don't judge) and had them pierced with titanium studs, which I was assured absolutely never caused anyone to get infected ever. Hence my assumption that I was just allergic to metal in general.

Knowing this, I'm definitely going to consider trying again. I'll maybe hold off until next summer, though. I'm getting a tattoo after my 18th, so I could get my ears done at the same time if the parlour does piercings too.

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Titanium is ABSOLUTELY the best metal to use. You will not have an allergic reaction to it, which I think is what the piercer may have said; any wound can get infected.

A good piercer will pierce with a large gauge needle, they'll just push it through the skin, then follow through with the earring. It's not totally painless, but it's a DAMN sight less painful than with a gun.

And oh man, where are you getting your ink? Mine is on my ankle, it was the best thing EVER it didn't hurt it just felt awesome. I can't wait to get more done.

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Thanks for the advice! I'll be sure to remember if I do end up trying piercings again.

I've not quite decided yet, but probably on my back or one shoulder. Given the career I'm wanting after uni, I figured it would be best to have a tattoo where I can easily cover it up at work. I'm wanting something kind of steampunk-y that looks like I have cogs under my skin if that doesn't sound completely weird. I'll probably be in pain, given that I am the biggest wuss ever, but it'll be so worth it.