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Cassandra G ([personal profile] amariahellcat) wrote2011-03-01 09:20 pm
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So guys...

...did anyone else realize today is not shrove/ pancake Tuesday? Cause it's actually next Tuesday, according to every calender and every site I've found on the internet.

Thank you Mom for correcting me lolol.

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It is pancake day, at least for the US. That's why IHOP's doing free pancakes.

It might not be Shrove Tuesday, I don't do Lent so I don't pay attention.

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I don't pay attention to the 'shrove' part anymore - it's just kinda stuck as the name from elementary and high school.

I thought it was here, to, and got all excited and asked my Mom if she'd make pancakes for dinner. And then she said it's not till next Tuesday according to our calenders (however right or wrong they may be idk) and so I have to wait :< Plus nowhere around here does free pancakes either way unfortunately.