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Cassandra G ([personal profile] amariahellcat) wrote2011-03-30 06:41 pm

The End of the Line...

 So somehow I've managed to make it to the second last week of class of my final year of university. Am I excited? Yes. Am I terrified? Hell yes. I've been in school my whole life, y'know? It'll be really weird to be done, FOREVER. Asides from working on publishing my book now that I should have time to DO so, I also applied at the LCBO from the summer-term work, and I want to apply at GM for the summer as well; may as well try some other things and attempt to get out of Timmies, right? 

In other news, my piercings still infected, but its honestly my own fault for continuously forgetting to treat it with epsom salts. After getting awesome advice from Otana I went to a professional piercer to have it checked cause I noticed there was a bump right near the earring, and he said it was a pus pocket and he popped it for me; just keep using epsom salts, he said, and it'll be fine. It IS going starting to get better, and it still never hurts or gets red or anything so at least I'm going in the right direction. Still, much thanks to Otana for the advice she gave me ages back <3

Anime North is coming up quick again, and while I'm excited, its still a bit far away; in between then and now I have my bday party (I'll be 21 omg), shopping in Toronto with my friends from work, annnnnd.... oh, getting hamsters! (YES THIS IS EXCITING) ...Oh and also switching comps with Dad and getting Sims3.
BUT HAMMIES. I am so sick of not having a pet in the house, but neither me or Mom is ready for another dog because that would just be like trying to replace Scamper, which I am in no way trying to do; likewise, Mom is allergic to cats, so thats a no-go. However, I've always loved hamsters, especially dwarf hamsters, so I've made a decision. Dwarf hamsters can live in same-sex groups, so I'm planning to get a larger cage (or to convert a glass aquarium into a hamster habitat, I'm still looking into it) and then to get three female dwarf hammies to name Ama, Tera, and Rea, because I am a dork. 
Asides from that, life is basically the same as always. OH AND I STILL WANT TO APP AT VERTILINE BUT I NEED TO FINISH REAS APP FFFF. 
Yeah <3

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