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 Happy New Years everyone! First off, I'd like to apologize to anyone that I've barely gotten to talk to the last year or so (school year at least) (I'M LOOKING AT YOU CAITLIN D: ). University hit me a bit harder then expected, and having class three days a week plus working the other four days plus attempting to do assignments and homework and keep up with people at the same time? Not an easy thing to do unfortunately, especially with all the drama that goes on in my house. (Caitlin and Misa you guys for sure know what I'm talking about oi.) Those of you who have seen me on AIM or MSN and I haven't replied, sorry! I tend to leave my computer on at times when I wander off to do stuff, or if my parents send me on a coffee run I don't turn it off.

 So, the end of 2008. Let's see, what all happened this year. Started University, made some new friends in RL and Online, started rewriting Faeriestone (like two weeks ago but still), got a PS3, got a CAR and my G2, joined elegante, annnnd... I think that's it lol. So let's hope 2009 is a good year! Four more months of school for me, then three months of summer; god that's going to be nice! I have a ton of reading I prob should've done over the break but oh well, three weeks isn't enough time off at all.

 Okay, so, onto the second part of this post, Anime North! Anime North 2009 is basically going to be my hilight of the year, honestly. I have my group, we have almost everything planned, and most of what's left to do is cosplay related. There're eight of us going in two vehicles; me, Trisha, Jessica and Travis in my car with most of the luggage, and Tasha, Keisha, Karen and Deanne in my Dad's car (or more likely my mom's car with my dad driving lol). Thank god I have my own car to keep up there with us lol. Cass needs lots and lots of hightway practice! Jeff can't come this year (his school is frigging EXPENSIVE the poor guy) but we promised lots of pictures lol.

 So I've been saving for AN since LAST AN, taking a certain amount out of every paycheck so that I would have money for everything that I need. At the moment, I have over $1000 in it I think lol, and I'm prob gonna need it (keep in mind this includes admission to the con, the hotel, gas money, spending money, etc., not just my costume!!)

 This year, I'm cosplaying Tera. NO I'M NOT KIDDING. I'm going to be so self conscious in that costume and prob gonna have to suck my stomach in most of the time and trust me I'm on a diet as of today lol but I'm doing it! I have all the costume sketches done, every layer and peice identified and laid out and ready to go. I will admit that I don't make my own costumes; my sewing skills are no where near those needed to make such detailed costumes, especially not one with as much detail as Teras (I can only draw them lol). Starting tomorrow I'll be emailing several sites, seeing if they can do the entire costume, what parts they can't do, how much it'll cost etc. In the end, the best priced one that can do the most will be where I go. If anyone's curious, I can send links to all the sites I'm looking into; last year I got my Atoli costume custom made from Mooncostumes, and while I loved it I'd like to look into a variety this year just to see.

 Otherwise, here's hoping I have more time to be on! Happy New Years everyone!


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