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 SO I got my car back Monday. My supposedly unfixeable little 1999 Sunfire is running good as new; the only difference is it makes a little more noise when I'm idled at like a stop light, but Dad says that's just because the running belt or something is old (duh) so it'll make noise and is nothing to worry about. Just in case though, I'm saving up for a new car so that I won't be thrown for a loop the next time something happens. I'm offering $5 sketch commissions over on DA to put towards this fund, so if anyone's interested leave me a note ♥

 I also had the bank call and say something was wrong with my card/account, but I went in and got that all fixed up so nothing to worry about there. School's busy as usual (my god why did I take all the english/cultural study courses to much frigging reading) but it's not going to badly so I'm not as stressed out atm.

 That said, I have the sudden urge to go back and replay TPL again. I have no idea why, I just do; I also have a plan to do a mini series on some of my characters giving basic background info and showing different forms they take/outfits/etc, I'm already working on Tera's. I unno, life's gotten under control, a bit, I guess?


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