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Hey all, I figured it was about time I did a bit of an update to let people know what the heck's going on in my life.

 First off, I'm sorry to anyone that I've talked to less lately. Caitlin, Nashi and Misa, I'm sorry for failing so much at starting conversations and keeping them going, and for the times I've disappeared without saying anything. I know I've done it a lot lately, and I'm sorry.

 Second, school starts tomorrow, so I'm thinking my internet time will unfortunately be cut down. I have class from 2-5 on mondays, 7-10 on tuesdays, 11-2 and 7-10 on wednesdays, and 11-2 on fridays, plus I'll be working quite a bit the days that I don't have school. I'm already dreading one class, but I just hope it won't eat up to much of my life.

 So. Mom's got a boyfriend. I have nothing against him, honestly; he's a cool guy, they were friends for years. He brings me tea when he gets them coffee, and does a lot around the apartment; Scamper even likes him, and he's not pushy. It's just... weird, you know? To have your parents together for 18 years of your life and then suddenly they're both with new people. I don't even want to talk to my dad anymore, he's done so many things these past couple of years.

 Faeriestone is at ten chapters now, but I've hit a block; the next chapter is a major fight scene and I just can't get the energy to write it. I've also got my new Jak story going on over at [ profile] blue_eco , but the ideas I have for that are mainly for later chapters.

 I just feel... kind of uneeded, I guess, everywhere. And it makes me sad.


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