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I hate being stuck in class when I'm not feeling very well. I was fine this morning, to, so my body's just suddenly pulled that 'op you're going to feel kinda heavy-headed now!' crap on me. Doesn't help that prof is insanely monotone and nrg I just don't want to be here.

Already emailed tonights prof so he knows I'm prob only going to be in to drop off my essay but he's usually pretty cool so should be okay; plus he knows I need to be in Peterborough all freaking day tomorrow cause he has to be to and so he'll know I need to try and feel better uggggh ;o;

I'm also worried my ear piercing is infected. It doesn't hurt and it's not swollen or red or anything but when I cleaned it last night it pussed like woah (just a lightish yellow stuff at least) and nrg I freak myself out over this so stuff so easily. It's ben six weeks so I can change it now but I'm so tempted to just take it out and never put one in again if only to make the pussing go away fffff *is a wimp*


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