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So.... since my last post was I don't even know how long ago, I figured I should make my first post of 2011 evar, cause, yknow, all the cool kids have already done it.

My first week or so of 2011 was... eventful, I suppose the word would be. I'd gone to my sisters a few days prior to New Years Eve, and consequently caught whatever bug it was my nieces had; I spent New Years Eve half asleep, trying to feel better. And then I worked opening shift on New Years Day; go figure.

Anyways, as far as I can remember, I worked that Sunday and Monday, then locked myself up in the house on Tuesday to CLEAN (which I'm happy to say I did! my basement 'lair' is in much better shape now), locked myself up Wednesday to do some writing etc. (which, again, I did! Yay!), and then on Thursday headed into Toronto with my buddy Tasha to meet up with Angus and Ash! That was the highlight of 2011 for me so far, not gonna lie; it was awesome to actually meet up with someone. We talked Jak, wandered around Toronto, had awesome dumplings for lunch, and then RAN LIKE FUCKING HELL back to Union only to miss our train by three minutes.

Yeeeeeah... my feet still kinda hurt, haha. It was worth it though. And Tasha said her prof didn't mind her being a bit late so it was okay. ANGUS AND ASH YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME IT WAS A TON OF FUN ♥ Kay so. Then I worked friday which was really stressful cause we were short-staffed like woah and EVERYONE in Oshawa was at timmies I swear. Saturday wasn't much better at first cause again we were short staffed and yeah. Sunday and today were pretty good though, both shifts went by pretty quickly.

This week, though... I am not looking forward. I'm not looking forward to ANY WEEK up until February 18th, tbh. Why? Because I have to do extra time for rehearsal for the performance till then, which means even LESS time to myself then usual. Here's what my schedule looks like this week:

Monday(today): Work 2-10
Tuesday: Meeting with Dad around 10, class 2-5, eat dinner, class 6:30-8:20, do readings for classes
Wednesday: Lecture 11:30-12:30, then Seminar 2-3:30, second Class 6:30-god knows when, seriously
Thursday: Peterborough ALL FREAKING DAY (bus at 7:20, class 10-1, do homework, rehearsal 4-10)
Friday: Work 2-6
Sat: Work 6-2, rehearsal in peterborough 6-10
Sun: Work 6-2, rehearsal in peterborough 7-10

Yeah... so far, me no likey 2011. Ugh @_@


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