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So I haven't posted on here in a while, and I figured I'd may as well lay out what I'm doing for the rest of the summer. It is and isn't going to be busy, but the few things I'm doing should be fun! (I'm hoping)

This week is fairly tame, I guess; I worked today and I work tomorrow, but I'm off weds thru friday. Wednesday is sleep-in-and-not-care-about-anything day (except I have to wash sheets). Thursday I might be going to my dads cottage for the day, which will be awesome as it means swimming and such ♥ It all depends on whether two of my friends get back from New Brunswick early enough or not, because I don't want to go without them. Friday is pay day! Which means I'll be buying my manga allowance for the month, maybe a new outfit, and paying off ye olde mastercard.

Then I work Sat/Sun, but I also have the house to myself cause Mom and Glen are headed to Niagara~ So I get to hang out with my pup lol. Sunday is also our last anime marathon day of the summer~! We'll be finishing off Code Geass R2 and possibly starting Baccano, annnd if I don't work monday they'll be sleeping over but idk my schedule yet so bleh.

Next Saturday I'm going to see the BackstreetBoys Live, bitch~ My first concert ever, hurray~! Should be fun. And then the weekend after that I'm going away to the cottage (not my dads) for a week. Which... I am and am not looking forward to. It was fun last week but I'm one of those people who hates being away from home for a long period of time u___u; And I prob won't go next year cause I'll need to start paying back OSAP cause I'm going into my LAST YEAR OF SCHOOL EVER in September. Speaking of I should see if booklists are up oops >>;;;


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