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 Hey guys; I haven't really updated to tell you guys what's been going on since we moved, so here's the late update journal! FIRST OF ALL; I'M SORRY TO EVERYONE ON MSN AND/OR AIM THAT I MAY HAVE IGNORED THE PAST MONTH OR SO I SUCK AT STARTING CONVERSATIONS SORRY ;^;

 MOVING ON. We're basically officially in the apartment now, and it's epic! There's a lot more room in here then we thought we'd have, and my room is teh awesomeness <3 I'll have pics for you guys as soon as all of the boxes are gone hehe.

 As it stands, my computer is hooked up, my PS2, PS3, and FUCKING NEW XBOX 360 THAT I WON FROM MY SCHOOL LOL WTF are all hooked up, the latter two also connected to the internetz ♥ My posters are all up, my cars running fine, I'm going to wonderland with some friends in August, and life is a lot better then it was back in the old house. No more fights between my parents, no more wondering if I'm going to come home to something broken, it's alll done.

 And I'm loving every frigging minute of it. Not only that, but we've started planning for next AN! (YES THIS FAR IN ADVANCE SHUT UP)

 And while I know I said I was excited for this year, I'm even more excited for next. Why? Because not only am I cosplaying as Amaria's two forms, but I'm making her human costume myself! ♥ Not only that, but four of my friends have agreed to go as cast mates from her cannon, including her cannon pairing ♥


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Hai guys! K so this is just to update on the things that've been going on/what's happening with my moving and internets and the like. Soooo:

~We had a bit of a scare with Scamper (my pup who's gonna be 13 in July! ♥) on Saturday. Long story short, a bump on his back that HADN'T BEEN THERE A WEEK BEFORE decided to burst and was bleeding and my mom and I were like *PANICOMFG* buuuuuut we got him to the vet Monday and he said it was a completely non-lethal cyst just like the ones humans get sometimes, and gave us antibiotics for him and he's good to go ♥ Thank you god ugh @___@ Vet also gave us the number of a vet's office where they look at small animals so I can take mah Snowflake (dwarf hammie who is 2 1/2 years old! ♥ ) over and have her looked at; she has a bump on her belly and god only knows what it is x_o But she acts normal so can't be to bad... right?

~MY MOM GOT FULLTIME AT THE LCBO WOOOOOOO! GOD we've been hoping for this ever since it was announced they would be hiring more full timers! And while it means my Mom's gonna have to commute to Uxbridge (aka45 mins away) to go to work every day (fulltimers can't request a transfer till they've been fulltime for 6 months) fulltime means; 40 hours a week guaranteed, paid sick days, paid vacation time, and benefits, so it's really worth it. This will deeeeeefinately help ♥

~My room over at the apartment is officially painted ♥ It's the closest blue I could get to the colour of my room now, and it's actually pretty damn close. I'm currently looking into whether I want blinds or curtains for my window, but we'll see; I also need to figure out where all my stuff is going and whether I'll be able to fit the new shelving unit I want in or not.  My friend Tasha and I are painting my Mom's room on Tuesday, and it's gonna be a light purple/lilac/violet/whathaveyou. X3 We've also gotten quite a few boxes over there, as well as some smaller furniture.

~On Monday, I am dismantling my computer (aka my desktop/main), cleaning the whole thing, and hopefully moving it and my desk over to the apartment. Dad promised he would bring his truck and help get the desk over there, buuut I haven't been able to make sure he can do it monday so I'm hopppping >_<; Anyways, the reason I want to get it over there is because the Rogers guys are coming on Wednesday to set up the cable, net and phone, so it would be kinda dumb if there wasn't a comp over there to hook it up to lol. Plus I'll have my laptop here still so if I absolutely need to get on during those three days or so I have that.

~Regarding Ele, I am going to do my best to bring Ama back full-swing the first week of July, but we'll see how warn out I am by then lol. I also want to app another version of Tera that I think would be awesome to play there, but I still need to work out a lot of the points of that universe so we'll see how that goes @__@  Asides from that, not much has been happening lol. Laterz! ;D
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 For two months, at least. It's better then nothing though! Yay no more school! We get our report cards tomorrow, so I hope I did well in English. I went in with a 62... so as long as I passed without something higher then a 50 I'll be happy. ^^;  Staying up late and sleeping in is so nice though, cause it means I don't have to go to bed at a specific time. I've got a lot of drawings and oneshots I want to work on this summer, and I should get a part time job, but theres plenty of time for that.

 As it is, I'm off to replay some of Jak2, later! XD

PS: I beat all the Jak games weeee! Now I just need a PSP so I can play Daxter >w>;


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