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 Guess I'll go in order from the title XD Lmao. Ok, so, most people know what Canadian Idol is right? The slight rip off of American Idol where singers compete etc. etc. Well, for some odd reason they decided to come to Oshawa this year. Now when I heard this I died laughing. Why? Because NOTHING comes to Oshawa. Like srsly. NOTHING EVER COMES HERE. Soooo a few of my friends and I planned on going and auditioning for the hell of it (my one friend was gonna dress like a pirate and act like an idiot to get on TV). But, my voice seems to have died the past few days so I ended up deciding not to go (it's dieing right now I swear @__@ I can barely talk at the moment without it going all scratchy and stuff. Losenge! )

 I turn 17 in three weeeeks woooooot. I wasn't overly excited about this until today. It's just another year, another birthday, sure I'll get presents but for one thing it's a friggin MONDAY so I don't even get to sleep in on my b-day. And I have an ISU due then. Which sucks ASS. GAH. Buuuut, now I'm looking forward to it because my ever so wonderful and awesome friend Caitlin is apparently sending me a card and writing me a story. I must remember to glomp her a lot later *makes mental note*. So yah, lol.

 Was there anything else...? Oh, yah, stuck in Jakx. FINAL friggin event before the second last Grand Prix and I'M STUCK! DAMNIT. CAN'T KILL ENOUGH DRONES. *twitch* So I'm not touching it for a day in hopes when I go back I'll be able to beat it in oneshot. Yup...

 That's all from me for now XD Latah peeps.


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