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WHO WANTS ONE? :3 They will feature my silly fluffball of a puppy this year instead of a drawing, though if you'd like me to sketch something in your card just tell me! <3

Comments are screened so feel free to leave me your addy etc, plus any requests for sketches lolz <3 And if anyone would like a copy of the Dreamers included let me know that, to! X3


Nov. 24th, 2011 04:41 pm
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So, guys, I totally finished Na.No.! And I've decided to sell copies of the story, since I'm a bit broke due to OSAP and other issues right now.

So, just figured I'd post this here to and see if anyone was interested in buying a copy! It's $15.00 (I think USD? Because, the site I'm using, is American, so) and I'm not sure how much shipping would be if I had to mail it but I doubt it's that much? Idk. But, yeah. I appreciate it, if anyways interested, but no worries if not. Just wanted to offer it up :3

Anyways, cheers, guys! <3

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 Hey guys, this is just a little thing a friend of mine is doing on another site and I thought I'd pick it up cause it looked interesting.

Of all of the characters I have that you are familiar with, pick your favorite. Tell me why and what you like about them; also tell me if there is anything you DON'T like about them or that confuses you.

Obviously different people will be familiar with a different number of my characters, but pick whoever you want, really. And feel free to copy this cause like I said I took it from a friend lol :3 HONEST TRUTH HERE PEOPLE PLS <3
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 On a MUCH happier note then my last ranty-pants post, its my last week of class EVAR! Hurray! I have one exam next week and two the week after that, but no more class for teh Cass :3 So heres my report on my last week so far:

Tuesday: Went to Shakespeare class at 2 expecting it to be kind of boring review. Instead, we played jeopardy! :3 My team lost lol but oh well it was still fun and Joel gave everyone in the class a prize anyways XD And I got a 72% on my final essay in the class so I'm happy hurray~!

I'm a dork so I brought donuts to my Utopia seminar and brought Graham (my prof) a diet pepsi and my two friends in the class hot chocolate. And took like one picture BUT HEY I TRIED. We spent like half the class just chatting haha it was awesome. Gonna miss Graham I've had him for one class every year since I started so that sucks :< I also realized I'm friends with four out of five of my profs this year so GAH @_@ Gonna miss theeeeeem *dork*

Wednesday: I'mmmm still sitting in Medieval. But I don't have seminar so I get to leave campus at 2 today (HURRAH) And I've totally spent the period writing and FINISHING my final for Music and not paying attention to prof at all l-lol 83;;;; HATE HATE HATED THIS CLASS SO GLAD ITS OVER THIS IS THE ONLY ONE/PROF I WON'T MISS.

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 So somehow I've managed to make it to the second last week of class of my final year of university. Am I excited? Yes. Am I terrified? Hell yes. I've been in school my whole life, y'know? It'll be really weird to be done, FOREVER. Asides from working on publishing my book now that I should have time to DO so, I also applied at the LCBO from the summer-term work, and I want to apply at GM for the summer as well; may as well try some other things and attempt to get out of Timmies, right? 

In other news, my piercings still infected, but its honestly my own fault for continuously forgetting to treat it with epsom salts. After getting awesome advice from Otana I went to a professional piercer to have it checked cause I noticed there was a bump right near the earring, and he said it was a pus pocket and he popped it for me; just keep using epsom salts, he said, and it'll be fine. It IS going starting to get better, and it still never hurts or gets red or anything so at least I'm going in the right direction. Still, much thanks to Otana for the advice she gave me ages back <3

Anime North is coming up quick again, and while I'm excited, its still a bit far away; in between then and now I have my bday party (I'll be 21 omg), shopping in Toronto with my friends from work, annnnnd.... oh, getting hamsters! (YES THIS IS EXCITING) ...Oh and also switching comps with Dad and getting Sims3.
BUT HAMMIES. I am so sick of not having a pet in the house, but neither me or Mom is ready for another dog because that would just be like trying to replace Scamper, which I am in no way trying to do; likewise, Mom is allergic to cats, so thats a no-go. However, I've always loved hamsters, especially dwarf hamsters, so I've made a decision. Dwarf hamsters can live in same-sex groups, so I'm planning to get a larger cage (or to convert a glass aquarium into a hamster habitat, I'm still looking into it) and then to get three female dwarf hammies to name Ama, Tera, and Rea, because I am a dork. 
Asides from that, life is basically the same as always. OH AND I STILL WANT TO APP AT VERTILINE BUT I NEED TO FINISH REAS APP FFFF. 
Yeah <3
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 So yesterday was SUNNY and beautiful and semi-warm and I didn't wear my coat to school and I had my windows down and my music blaring as I drove to school...

annnnnnd today it's raining. Sigh. Least it's not snow; spring is on the way!!!!

IN OTHER NEWS: I've... kind of accomplished my goal of reading the rest of my school readings this week. I have two books (one of which is a play), one OTHER play, and a few smaller readings left and THAT'S IT. I also only have a 5 page essay and a 1 page essay left to go for the rest of the year in regards to homework, yay! That makes my life sooo much easier u___u; 

Asides from that, cars running good, laptops running good, desktop is... a pain but I'll get to that in a sec, annnnd my fm transmitter did die but I'm kind of enjoying listening to the radio right now cause it's an opportunity to find new music! Plus... youtubedownloader is being a pain right now and anything new I download is corrupted/'broken' so not like I could put new music on the ipod anyways l-lol.

As for the desktop, it's just... getting old, y'know? I just cleaned it out and it actually made it start up a bit SLOWER, and now I'm having issues getting Sims2 started up. It WILL eventually load, just... takes about a million tries and me pulling my hair out l-lol. Might also be the fact I only have a gig of ram in it haha. BUT Dad said he would switch me computers, so once I don't need to do any more school work I'm going to put everything I need from mine onto my external hard drive, wipe it from the comp, switch comps with dad, and REUPLODE everything I need onto the new one (which has 4 gigs of ram fsfjghjsd YES). Unfortunately I'll also be saying goodbye to sims2 for the time being as this means I'll have a comp that can handle Sims3, plus... I'd miss my old families to much to bother making new ones in Sims2. 

So I'm going to be playing that as much as possible before the end of exams so that I can write down info on them and remake some of them in Sims3, cause I wanna do a story and maybe try a legacy. We'll see what happens. 

AND I hate our weather cause I have had a headache since last night because of the random changes in weather and ugggggggh u_____u;;;;;;;
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 RPing will have to wait; next week or two is devoted to getting ALL OF MY READING DONE FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR RAWR. *totally going to DIE*
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Soooo I'm bored and figured I could use some practice with my newer Sarea muse; I miss rping and desperately need to play around with her a bit. <- please to be poking the grumpy wolf :3

So guys...

Mar. 1st, 2011 09:20 pm
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...did anyone else realize today is not shrove/ pancake Tuesday? Cause it's actually next Tuesday, according to every calender and every site I've found on the internet.

Thank you Mom for correcting me lolol.
amariahellcat: (sad) decides to fuck with me, again. Long story short, my laptop died today and I'm only POSSIBLY getting all my info off it. Ugh. I have a bit of money stashed away that I can use to get a new one, but I'm waiting till reading week to do so; I get to take notes with a pen and paper for a week, ugh.

Can anyone recommend one brand over another for laptops? Mine was a 7 year old compaq, so I have no idea what I should be looking at/for that WON'T break my bank.
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I hate being stuck in class when I'm not feeling very well. I was fine this morning, to, so my body's just suddenly pulled that 'op you're going to feel kinda heavy-headed now!' crap on me. Doesn't help that prof is insanely monotone and nrg I just don't want to be here.

Already emailed tonights prof so he knows I'm prob only going to be in to drop off my essay but he's usually pretty cool so should be okay; plus he knows I need to be in Peterborough all freaking day tomorrow cause he has to be to and so he'll know I need to try and feel better uggggh ;o;

I'm also worried my ear piercing is infected. It doesn't hurt and it's not swollen or red or anything but when I cleaned it last night it pussed like woah (just a lightish yellow stuff at least) and nrg I freak myself out over this so stuff so easily. It's ben six weeks so I can change it now but I'm so tempted to just take it out and never put one in again if only to make the pussing go away fffff *is a wimp*
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So.... since my last post was I don't even know how long ago, I figured I should make my first post of 2011 evar, cause, yknow, all the cool kids have already done it.

My first week or so of 2011 was... eventful, I suppose the word would be. I'd gone to my sisters a few days prior to New Years Eve, and consequently caught whatever bug it was my nieces had; I spent New Years Eve half asleep, trying to feel better. And then I worked opening shift on New Years Day; go figure.

Anyways, as far as I can remember, I worked that Sunday and Monday, then locked myself up in the house on Tuesday to CLEAN (which I'm happy to say I did! my basement 'lair' is in much better shape now), locked myself up Wednesday to do some writing etc. (which, again, I did! Yay!), and then on Thursday headed into Toronto with my buddy Tasha to meet up with Angus and Ash! That was the highlight of 2011 for me so far, not gonna lie; it was awesome to actually meet up with someone. We talked Jak, wandered around Toronto, had awesome dumplings for lunch, and then RAN LIKE FUCKING HELL back to Union only to miss our train by three minutes.

Yeeeeeah... my feet still kinda hurt, haha. It was worth it though. And Tasha said her prof didn't mind her being a bit late so it was okay. ANGUS AND ASH YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME IT WAS A TON OF FUN ♥ Kay so. Then I worked friday which was really stressful cause we were short-staffed like woah and EVERYONE in Oshawa was at timmies I swear. Saturday wasn't much better at first cause again we were short staffed and yeah. Sunday and today were pretty good though, both shifts went by pretty quickly.

This week, though... I am not looking forward. I'm not looking forward to ANY WEEK up until February 18th, tbh. Why? Because I have to do extra time for rehearsal for the performance till then, which means even LESS time to myself then usual. Here's what my schedule looks like this week:

Monday(today): Work 2-10
Tuesday: Meeting with Dad around 10, class 2-5, eat dinner, class 6:30-8:20, do readings for classes
Wednesday: Lecture 11:30-12:30, then Seminar 2-3:30, second Class 6:30-god knows when, seriously
Thursday: Peterborough ALL FREAKING DAY (bus at 7:20, class 10-1, do homework, rehearsal 4-10)
Friday: Work 2-6
Sat: Work 6-2, rehearsal in peterborough 6-10
Sun: Work 6-2, rehearsal in peterborough 7-10

Yeah... so far, me no likey 2011. Ugh @_@
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Not even kidding? I would just put it all towards my OSAP loan, because that would leave me with maybe $3000 left on my debt, maybe.
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So, I just wanted to let everyone that I'd promised card's to that they're going to be a bit late. They may even not show up till after Christmas. Why? Because unfortunately, upon checking out on the site to finish the card design and order them, Walmart informed me that it will take two to three weeks for me to get them, never mind WRITE them and send them out. So, yes, cards will be late, BUT I SWEAR THEY WILL STILL COME EVENTUALLY ;O;

ALSO, for the second part of this post: I need to get back into writing, but I don't feel like working on The Dreamers, or Faerietale, or TAE Book 4 (though that might change pretty soon but we'll see). I feel like writing fluff, or something romantic or hell, even a lemon, but I have no ideas. So! I'd like people to challenge me, or to just offer ideas/prompts etc. SO, here's how this'll work! Pick a pairing (the ones I'm up to writing will be listed below), and give me a rating and a prompt (like a word or sentence), or, give me a rating and a bigger description. Up to you. JUST BE AWARE (although most of you likely already are), that I write OCxCanon pairings as well as OCxOC pairings; I don't have any canon pairings I'm up to writing atm unfortunately, so, yeah. Anyways.

PAIRINGS ETC. BELOW THE CUT, THANKS TO ANYONE WHO GIVES ME ONE :D I will reply to your comment with a link to my one fic comm., which is where I'll be posting these!

Pairings Beyond! )
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I posted this somewhere else to, buuuut just saying it again; I'M MAKING MY OWN CHRISTMAS CARDS


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So I really want to role play some romance, for no apparent reason other then I'd like some Christmassy-fluff without having to write it all out myself, because that's not as fun.

At this point anything with Tera, Ama, or Rea would be welcome, though I have no ideas or anything. Just... fluff. Because I haven't gotten to roleplay fluff in forever. ;o;
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I'm down to three weeks of school left and then maybe two exams before christmas break; am I excited? Oh God yes. I'm so sick of school it's not even funny. However, the fact that I only have one last minor essay left that I can bullshit in about an hour has calmed my stress levels down considerably, but for this week at least I might still be a bit MIA cause work decided to throw two 2-10 shifts at me the past two days. And I promised the youngers I'd go see Tangled with them on Friday plus xmas shopping so...

I'm ttly not going to finish NaNo, though I will one day finish the story; I just... didn't have the time/energy/etc to finish it this month, yknow?

I'm also getting Atoli's Lost Weapon/Staff made for Anime North 2011!! Majorly excited eeee! Note to self, GLUE ON THOSE STUPID HAT DECALS ALREADY, find out about getting a new pair of gloves/shorts/stockings, and try and find shoes that ACTUALLY FIT FOR THIS YEAR. YEAH.

Also working on my xmas card design for this year! This time it features Ama, Tera, and Rea; hoping to have it done this weekend so I can get them printed. If anyone would like a christmas card from me, let me know! I love sending them :3
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So, um, I shouldn't be AS MIA anymore because I totally just beat Fable 3. 83;;;

...Though now I wanna replay it and actually be COMPLETELY good since I know about the LOL YOU NEED A TON OF MONIES thing now. So uh. Yeah.


....*cough* OH and my nano is over 10,000 so I'm proud of myself and still trying to finish it by Nov 30th 8D

NaNo Entry!

Nov. 5th, 2010 12:53 pm
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Hey guys, forgot to throw this up the other day; I made an LJ comm. to post my NaNo entry to this year, so feel free to check it out!
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So um, my Dad is officially awesome.

If anything else happens to my car before I can afford/buy a new one, I now have a backup car.

That is also a sunfire.

And is peppy as hell.

So um. Yay for my Dad!


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