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Hey, guys. I've been meaning to do an update for some time, and now that school is finally over for the year I figured it was a good time to do it (especially since my last update was in Feb). In order to keep myself sane, I'm going to go by month, so here we go:

End of February
During Reading Week, I finally managed to finish Faeriestone! Not just work on it, I finished it! 22 chapters and I don't remember how many words later, the first book of Ama's canon was completed. I also finished the first chapter of the second book, Faerietale, around this same time, worked on my cosplay a bit more. The rest of February was mainly me working on assignments/reading for school as usual.

At the beginning of March I went to book my G test (full drivers license) for the end of April, but found out there were no spots then. Instead, I booked it for early morning on March 18th, and worked on my high-way driving for days before hand. Now around then my car had begun leaking coolant, so I was constantly having to fill that up on a two-to-three daily basis. On the 18th, I completed (and passed!) my G test, only to have the car start to leak more the day after. Dad took it to check it out, and at first declared it scrap (again) because it would cost to much to fix it for how old it was. Mom came to the rescue and made him check prices for the parts, and once purchased he began work on the car.

 It was also around this time that I sent out my first query letter to a literacy agent about Faeriestone, and when all my final projects were due. We also began to pack, because guess what? We're moving again! As of the first of June, we'll be in a townhouse that Mom's friend offered to rent her for a really good price that she can afford now that Glenn is living with us. I get the whooooole basement to myself (it has a full bedroom, living area, and full bathroom~!)

It was around the second week of April that I got my car back, running as good as it did when I first got it (no noise or anything!!) I have also just finished exams and am now done school for four months till September, which means I'll be working a lot more (hopefully). Anime North is coming up fast, and I turn twenty in about two weeks (omg). This year has been both stressful and joyful, so I guess I'll just have to wait and see how things turn out in the end.

I should actually be on messengers more often now, but I make no promises. I hope things are going well for everyone, and I'm glad to be back, in some respect :)


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