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Just so you guys kinda have an idea as to how things are going in my life, guh.

321 Marland Rd.: ~$875/month +$35 per car +net etc.
This is the one we checked out on... Saturday? I think? Or maybe Monday, one of those days anyways. It's over towards the Oshawa Center, and probably about a 15 minute drive from my current house. It was a nice, clean apartment; nice kitchen area, nice bathroom, and a decent size, but not as big as would be good for my mother and I, likely. (we're both major packrats, unfortunately). The major con is the fact that it's an extra $35 per car per month to park, which bumps the price up quite a bit, along with everything extra we need. ATM, my Mom wants to stay as low as possible (we're praaaaaying she get's full time but god only knows) because of hours, so this one's kind of a last resort at the moment.

Cordova St.: Details unknown atm
I didn't go to see this one, but my Mom did. She said it was a beautiful apartment; brand new building, no extra fees for parking, utilities included and pets welcome. Main problem? Smaller then Marland, so likely not a good choice for us. Fail; this one was only like... five minutes away from us now.

85 Bloor Street West: ~$875/month + $18/car + extras etc.
This is the one I'm rooting for at the moment. This is in a six-plex (I think?) that looks well maintained, has no major problems, a nice super intendant, and allows pets. For one thing, the apartments are really nice. Big living/dining areas, biiig kitchens for an apartment (we could likely fit our table in there, tbh), lots of storage space, nice bathroom, and biiig bedrooms with a walk-in closet in the master bedroom (didn't look at the closet in the second bedroom, but even if it isn't walk-in looked to be a decent size) $18 per car per month is nothing compared to cordova; $36 against $60? Yeaaaaah. The only con with this one is the date it'll be available. The one we want (there were two here) is the one with the balcony so that we can keep our patio furniture (which is really nice and we don't want to get rid of ittttt). The one without the balcony is available June 1st, which is when we wanted it so, yknow, we could go in, paint, and then move before our closing date of June 26th.

 The one with the balcony, unfortunately, won't be ready till right around June 26th. This is because the former tennant was an older man who is now in the hospital, and his daughter is currently trying to move all of us stuff out for June 1st (and trust me, this guy had a lot of stuff. Worse packrat then me and my mom combined, omg) Now if that's all that needed to be done, we'd have it June 1st, but John (the super intendant) said that after that they need to come in and take down wallpaper, repaint, re-do the flooring, and replace the sink in the washroom (there was some rust on it that my mom noticed). In order for us to have this one, really, we'd have to move somewhere for a month and then move in there. John had said we could have the other apartment for the month, and my grandparents have invited us to stay with them if need be for the time, but we're still gonna keep looking just in case, yknow? But again, so far this is my pick.

190 Nonquon St.:~$875-$925/month +$30/car +net etc.
NO. This place was a literal dump. The first one, at least, though the whole building had a weird smell to it. When my mom and I first walked into the apartment we were shocked. Like... dude, this place was horrible. Anyone who knows Jeff? Yeah even he couldn't have done this badly. Holes in the doors, the screen door was wrecked, furniture everywhere, obscenities written on every wall in like marker and oil paint, and just... frig man, how can people live like that? Not to mention there was a cat, and I saw no sign of a litter box.

The second one at this place wasn't nearly as bad (it was normal, and the bathroom had just had new fixings put in), and while it was a good size, my Mom and I have already agreed we're going nowhere near that building ever again. The whole place was just kinda... guh.

 So far that's all we've looked at; Mom left messages at a few other places that haven't called back yet, of course, and we have more to phone still. And much as I love him, this would all be so much easier if we didn't have a dog. Scamper's my baby but omg seriously @_@. For instance, there've been two places (one a basement apartment, the other in a triplex) that sounded really nice, huge, good areas, everything included... but they don't allow dogs because they've had to much trouble with them in the past. There was also one other place where they allowed dogs and everything... but we could only have one car because they could only give us one spot. Uhhhh NO; you'd have to fight me to get me to give up my car, grr.

Edit: Drew St.: Details unknown
Mom looked at this one while I was at work yesterday. Decent living/kitchen areas she said, but she wasn't sure about the bedroom sizes. The main con was she said parking was tight, and since we have two vehicles that could be a pain in the but. She said she might call and make an appointment for me to see it to, but that we'll see,

EDIT!:King+Wilson, $945+$22 for one extra car+yknow the stuff you still pay for
Okay, asides from it being a bit pricier, this is officially my first pick! (Sorry Bloor, you're now at second place). This apartment is gorgeous, and the people are sooo friendly. Huuuuuuge living space/dining space with a good sized kitchen, tons of storage spaces, nice sized bedrooms and bathroom (master bedroom has a huge walkin as well). Nice big balcony, allows dogs, and it's an end unit so we don't have to worry about noise pollution as much (aka not as much to set scamper off). We get our own water heater at no extra charge, and control the temperature in the apartment ourselves; they're also redoing the parking lot. Again, a might bit pricier, but sooo worth it. ATM, I'm reaaaally hoping this is the one we end up with.

 I think Mom's phoning some more when she gets home from work tonight, and I'm tryyyyying to think about the good things coming up in order to keep myself sane. In example, my costume should be done and shipped by friday, so that's exciting, and I'm going out for dinner with my Mom and grandparents for my bday on Monday ♥ Not to mention AN is getting reaaaaaaally close.

So, that's all for now; I'll post updates as we look at places and stuff and yeah, bye ♥


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