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So I had just finished doing my reading for the night (I think 3 chapters of every book I have to read is pretty satisfactory for one night) and decided to pop online and actually try to talk to people for once. A good friend I haven't seen much of in the past few weeks was on MSN so I imed her and said hi and everything and was happy.

About four seconds into the convo, she suddenly brought up our planned get together on Friday and asked why another friend of ours couldn't come. Slightly puzzled, I replied that I'd never said anything in regards to her and this particular outing. She then asked if the other friend could come, to which I said sure, because I really don't care and we're not going to be out for very long anyways (I just ordered the wings for my cosplay and my AN funds atm are empty).

At this point, she says that this other friend is upset because I never invite her to my hangouts, and had said this at lunch at school today. This is what through me for a loop. First off, what hangouts? I've been a hermit since summer ended because of school, the only thing I've done is go out, oh, maybe twice with this friend and another to do some AN shopping because I knew all three of us needed things for our cosplay.

Second, I was just talking to this friend who is apparently upset last night and she mentioned nothing on this topic. We spoke normally, were as crazy and hyper as ever, and even made promises for plans in the future to work on AN things; never once did she mention anything about being upset about anything. So wtf? Why did it have to be relayed to me through someone else? Why couldn't she have just said straight out that something was wrong?

I certainly haven't been leaving her out of anything on purpose. For one thing, those past two times we went shopping, I didn't even know whether she needed anything for AN or not, how could I when she hadn't said a thing about it? I didn't even know if she knew who she was cosplaying, let alone if she needed anything.

I'm just sick of this immaturity, and it's making me realized that I really am a couple of years older then these friends, that I've been forced to mature a lot faster then they have. It just seems so stupid. If theres something wrong, I expect to find out from you, directly, not through the grapevine or whatever, not from someone else. I'll tell you to your face if somethings wrong.

So, just, wtf. Needed to rant DX


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