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 Woooo, I had the day off school today. Why? Because today was the grade 10 literacy test, and as I took and passed it last year, and would only have had a half day today anyways, I didn't see a point in going. Neither did my parents apparently, since they let me stay home XD So I actually got a few things done; yay! Lessee, what'd I do today... hmm... A bit of biology homework I still had to finish up, a sequel to a oneshot thing my friend wrote me, the first of a set of pictures I'm planning on doing... um... slept in (XD)... yup, I think that's about it. Woot for being lazy and actully doing something productive! XD

 Hmm... what have I been up to lately? Haven't really updated this thing in a while XD I beat Jak and Daxter, Jak2, and Jak3 (wee!) and am now working on Jakx (which is surprisingly addictive for a racing game o.o ) Also, I've been doing some art for my JakOC and other stuffs... finished Tera's Book3 revamp, but no ones seeing it till I finish writing book2 XD

 Also made an awesome friend a while back. She's as big of a Jak nut as I am, if not more so XD We have many fun conversations, lmao. Anyways, thats all from me for now, later peoples!

PS: I hope SL gets updated soon D=


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